Rapid Delivery Overall Disposable Medical Personal Protective Suit 1pack for 1pc



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Rapid Delivery Overall Disposable Medical Personal Protective Suit 1pack for 1pc

Place of Origin Guangdong, China Brand Name labmedicals
Model Number PR20200424 Color white color
Weight 8.4 kg Size M/165, L/170, XL/175, 2XL/180, 3XL/185
Packing 1pc/bag, 30pcs/ctn Feature Solvent resistance, splash protection,breathable
Application Outdoor antivirus activities, cleanroom usage

Product information

Product Name : Disposable medical protective clothing
Color : White+ blue bar
Product Structure : One-piece protective clothing (excluding gloves, foot covers, masks)
Product Advantages : breathable, bacteria-resistant, blocking virus
Scope Of Application : Provide clinical medical personnel to contact potentially infectious patients during work. Blood, body fluids, secretions, etc. provide barrier and protection.
Certification :  CE certification, ISO13485 system certification
Model Specification :  M/165, L/170, XL/175, 2XL/180, 3XL/185
Packing Method :  single package per yard
Net Weight :  8.4 kg
Gross Weight : 9.5 kg
Carton Size : 30 pieces/carton
Packing Box Size : 56*43*36cm

Disposable 3-Ply Non Woven Medical Face Masks

Our protective suit have been tested by relevant departments

Siamese protection detail

Hooded Design

The riser is elastically designed and fully wrapped, effectively bleblocking dust and microorganisms

Cuff Design

Wrist and ankle contraction prevent external dust and bacteria

Zipper Design

One-piece zip for easy putting on and taking off, and placket cover protection

Adhesive seal

The seam is reinforced with heat-sealed adhesive tape to prevent water and seepage.

Structions for use of isolation suit


1 Bottom
2 Pull up the cuffs
3 Organize the cuffs
4 Pull the zipper up to the top to adjust the tightness of the hat


1 Unzip
2 Pull the hat up and back to get the head off the hat and the sleeves
3 Roll off from top to bottom
4 Take off your clothes, put the contaminated side in, and putcal Waste bag


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